Using our DTS App to maximize your DTS Experience


With over 200 guest speakers spread out over two full days in one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, Dublin Tech Summit is an occasion you will certainly want to get the most out of.

There’s no denying that our smartphones operate as our second brains; we use them for information, navigation, communication and much more. That is why DTS have launched their very own App (for both Apple and Android before you ask) that features an abundance of useful tools which will no doubt maximize your DTS experience.

So in order to avoid getting lost in the CCD and missing out on essential talks, let’s take a look at exactly what the DTS app has to offer and how you can utilise it to ensure you use your time efficiently.

Our Very Own Social Media Platform

What’s the fastest and easiest way to network? Social media. Similar to that of LinkedIn, the DTS app will help you share your experiences, your thoughts and anything you feel is worth sharing with fellow attendees.


Get to know your fellow tech enthusiasts; the DTS app enables you to view other attendees’ profiles, comment on their activities and converse through a private messaging platform. This will offer a great way of networking and organising meetups prior to the event.


It’s very important that our app suits you. The DTS app grants users the ability to set up a personal profile where you can share your image, your company and your email. The app also allows you to pick favourites, keeping all of your events, speakers and subjects in one accessible place.


The DTS app search bar and Speakers tab makes finding your favourite speakers easy. Search for them by name and you’ll be linked to their profile where you can learn exactly when and where they’ll be on stage. The speaker profiles also includes bios and descriptions of their keynotes and panel discussions. You can always rate and review them!

Schedule Breakdown

The app includes a detailed agenda for both days, giving users the ability to time their activities in order to ensure they don’t miss their most anticipated speakers. This feature of the app is very important, as it also allows users to see who’s talking, where they’re talking and when they’re talking. The app will also operate as your own personal assistant with the ability to set reminders for the talks you don’t want to miss.

Interactive Map

The demand for interactivity in new media platforms is becoming a modern-day standard, and DTS is no stranger to this. Our app includes an interactive map of the CCD, which gives users a breakdown of each level of the building, where each stage/room is and where they can find the stand for any of our partners and startups.


Our sponsors mean a lot to us. They have helped put DTS on the map, and in order for them to benefit, representatives from their respected companies will be joining us at the event. The app provides details on the work each sponsor does and where they’ll be in the CCD.


The DTS StartUp100 Programme will give startup early-stage businesses an opportunity to showcase what they have to offer to attendees. The app itself allows users to view these startups prior to the event, find out exactly where they’ll be in the CCD and network with those involved with the startups.


Each stage will host one of our core themes (Medtech, Fintech, Innovation, etc.), some over two days and others for one day. The app provides information on where you’ll find each stage, the name of the stages and what’s scheduled for each stage.


If you’re travelling to Dublin especially for DTS, you’ll want to find a nice hotel that’s not too far from the CCD. DTS has several recommended hotels to suit your needs, and our app provides details on each including preferential rates and where they are situated in the city.


Keep up with everything tech related with our regularly updated news blog, including news from some of our partners, speaker profiles, and conference highlights. It’s a great read if you have a long commute to DTS.


Important for keeping attendees easily informed on updates and activity, the DTS app features a live stream of our Twitter feed. If you’re planning to tweet throughout the event, be sure to use our hashtag #DTS and tag us @DubTechSummit.

So if you are planning on attending Dublin Tech Summit this February 15 and 16, be sure to make the most of your visit by downloading the exclusive DTS app and avoid being left out!


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Evan O’Gorman