Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA of Oblong Industries, developer of spatial, immersive, and gesture-enabled technologies, explores how businesses can empower their teams and utilise the latest generation of collaboration tools to extract maximum value from the impending data deluge.

We are living in a time of data overload, surrounded by more information than ever before. Large organizations understand the competitive advantage of gaining insight from data, but currently have inadequate tools with which to capture, classify and analyze this flood of data, to turn it into vital insights. So how does an organization win: by empowering its work groups to collaborate better and navigate the information explosion.

Since the 1980s the volume of data produced globally has doubled roughly every two years according to IBM. As organizations seek to exploit an ever-expanding quantity of unstructured data, they find themselves struggling to keep up, awash in a mass of unexamined information.

The projected eruption of unstructured data expected to swamp organizations by 2020 (from images, multimedia, sensors, devices, etc.) exceeds even the present rate of data growth. This expected eruption is known as the phenomenon of “All Data” (IBM).


The Challenge of All Data

The growing volume and complexity of All Data demands new approaches to harvesting insight and business value from the ceaseless influx of unstructured data. Organizations can no longer rely upon old techniques to solve the new and more complex problems associated with All Data.

Old paradigms (such as PowerPoint or Excel) will be insufficient to effectively visualize, analyze, and extract insight from newly acquired and highly complex new data sets. As data analysis problems grow more complex, so will business problems themselves.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness will demand business solutions that are reduced to their simplest, most universal forms to meet the product needs of both local and global consumers at once, paradoxically requiring businesses to sift and divine insight from even greater amounts of digital information.

Data analysis methods must therefore transcend traditional, sequential analytical processes in favor of faster parallel and real-time working processes to manage increasingly complex problems and deliver insight.

More subject-matter experts must be sought to extract maximum business value from All Data – even though such experts will be increasingly geographically dispersed, challenging current collaboration models.


Infopresence Maximizes Insight from All Data

Infopresence represents the future of work. It is about elevating the word information into the notion of presence. Infopresence is the experience of commanding a dynamic, multi-surface, 3D, visual, and spatial environment that immerses you in live video, presentations, applications and more. It is really about bringing the next generation of human user interface that is data-centric into the workplace.

Infopresence turns All Data problems into business-changing insights from three unique perspectives:

  • Data immersion. Immersing stakeholders in a radically new three-dimensional relationship with their data facilitates a deeper engagement with information, improving the likelihood of uncovering authentic insight, both individually and as a group.
  • Data visualization and absorption. Infopresence is the only medium capable of bringing forth disparate forms of data – text, images, multimedia, sensors, devices, live feeds, etc. engaging teams more easily, quickly, and effectively.
  • Shared experience, no matter the location. Infopresence concentrates dispersed stakeholders in a single locale, collapsing geographical space, democratizing accessibility to information, and removing barriers to collaboration, enhancing group creativity and productivity.

Oblong’s Mezzanine technology delivers Infopresence; it bridges the physical gap between distributed teams, creating a common digital workspace where teams can share ideas and data, accelerate decision-making and collaborate more effectively. By immersing dispersed individuals three-dimensionally within the coming wave of All Data, Infopresence will support:

  • Better data-visualization and resulting comprehension
  • More group engagement and creativity
  • Deeper collaboration and understanding
  • Faster, more informed decision-making
  • A clearer, faster road to insight
  • Increased sales

Innovative organisations such as NASA, IBM, PwC and Fujitsu are already benefiting from the benefits that Infopresence can deliver to their data-driven businesses. A workplace that supports and encourages Infopresence is a productivity driver, providing a significant competitive advantage by stimulating authentic insight from the chaotic jumble of All Data.

Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA of Oblong Industries, will deliver a keynote speech about how immersive collaboration technology is transforming the Future of Work at DTS on 15th February, titled ‘Getting Ready for the Era of Infopresence: Immersive collaboration technology at work for the data that surrounds you.”


DTS takes place on February 15th and 16th. Tickets are available now. Click here to secure yours.


by Mary Ann de Lares Norris
VP EMEA of Oblong Industries