Dublin Tech Summit Sustainability Policy

As a company and as a group of individuals, Dublin Tech Summit is committed to striving for a positive impact in all that we do. This means that we aim to deliver effective and engaging experiences and messages in a manner that positively impacts our partners, our participants, our local communities and the planet. As an industry, the events sector has been slow to take on board many of the issues associated with sustainability. We as individuals strive to identify and implement measures to enhance sustainability in all aspects of our lives. This then affects how we as a company operate in our day-to-day business, which in turn affects how we manage our events. Here, we outline how we maintain this strategy.


Thoughts, opinions and statistics on how the events industry can become more ‘sustainability aware’ keep changing. We appreciate this and we are constantly working with suppliers and clients to ensure that each event reflects the most effective solutions in a bespoke manner. 

In general, we focus on the following main areas: 

  5. WATER 


This is a hot topic these days and one that has to be carefully considered when planning an event. It affects everything from how invitees attend to how staff reach the event, how supplies arrive and how waste is removed. The following considerations are made with all projects we undertake: 

Consider teleconferencing.
Select venues with easy access to transport hubs if long-haul travel is necessary.
Select venues with easy access to public transport.
Provide easy directions and maps to help facilitate usage of public transport.
Provide shuttle service when required to minimise individual travel.
When possible, offer accommodation options within walking distance of the venues.
Offer appropriate carbon-offsetting options.


We strive to work with venues that adhere to their own sustainability policy. This year, DTS will once again be hosted at the RDS: https://www.rds.ie/venue-hire/sustainability.  

We meet with the representative to discuss current strategies as well as potential ad hoc solutions for our specific project.  

We ensure that, when applicable, the venue has the appropriate accreditations.  

We ensure that the terms of the agreed contract reflect any sustainability requirements we/our clients require.  

Depending on the scope of the event, we look to hire venues with natural light, good insulation, etc.  

We try to ensure venue selection that appropriately reflects the needs of the group size, so as to not utilise unnecessary space and resources.  

We try to utilise venues that offer in-house services such as catering and A/V so as to minimise transport requirements related to these services.


Offer electronic marketing, registration and ticketing.  

Utilise electronic solutions for branding/signage when possible.  

Create more minimalist décor/staging solutions.  

Consider what items are essential for use at the event. 

Consider whether anything needs to be produced/printed for distribution to guests.  

Try to ensure that suppliers use minimalistic packaging. (Re-use or recycle whatever packaging is essential.). 

REUSE This is even better than recycling, as it uses less energy to accomplish.

Hire/create set/staging solutions that can be reused.  

Ensure that vendors/venues have sustainability systems in place to re-use materials – linen reuse policy, water-saving devices, etc.


We know that we alone cannot achieve what needs to be done. Therefore, our supply chain is key. This means that we strive to source and partner with vendors who share our enthusiasm for green solutions and ethical procurement. 

We also appreciate that shared best practices lead to new solutions and discoveries and we are always learning as well as educating.  For both sustainability and economic reasons, resourcing as much as possible locally is a smart strategy.  Local suppliers will know what is available, and will have more of a vested interest in your event.  We look for supply and delivery of goods and services thatrequire less travel and as a result, will produce fewer emissions.  These local partnerships will have a positive effect on the community, and could leave a lasting legacy that could improve the entire area. Vendors who adhere to ethical and sustainable procurement policies will have already done the required due diligence, and will assist us, and our guests, in ensuring that all participants in the supply chain are treated fairly. 

Our supplier of choice for display solutions is W Display: W Display Sustainability Policy


Water is used in many ways during events, and the overall impact is not always obvious. Water usage in a venue will differ to water usage at an outdoor event, and we consider each option. 

DRINKING WATER:  Unless essential, we request that tap water be used at events. When bottled water is required, we source ethical brands that use minimal packaging. We also ensure recycling of all bottles. 


How are toilet and kitchen facilities set up?
Are there water-saving solutions already in place?
Can additional alternatives be implemented?
Are there dual flush or reduced flush toilets?
Are there sensor-activated taps?

WASTEWATER AND POLLUTION:  We consult with the venue and vendors to ensure that all cleaning solutions and any other wastewater are disposed of appropriately so as to not cause damage to the local environment. When possible, we request that all cleaning products be environmentally friendly.