StartUp100 Programme Highlight: Fillit


Name of Company: Fillit
Founder & CEO: John Carroll

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Tell us about your company!
Founded in 2015, Fillit is a Dublin based startup that challenges people to rethink rentable space by providing an easy to use platform for both landlords and potential tenants.

Pitch what you do in one line.
Fillit connects people with empty or underutilised space to those looking for temporary places for events, pop-ups, retail, promotions and everything in-between.

What makes your company/service unique? 
Every day individuals and businesses require temporary spaces for a diverse range of activities including events, commercial filming, shop sharing, and product promotions. Fillit is the only platform that allows people to search through a wide variety of ‘rentable’ options, book those spaces and pay within the platform. Unlike the alternatives, ‘landlords’ get the tools to manage any type of space while ‘tenants’ can search, pitch and book directly through the site (with no middleman).

Why are you coming to DTS?
Fillit hopes to engage and learn from other startups, network with potential business partners and meet future investors.

What advice would you give to an early-stage start up?
Always pay attention to your customer’s experiences (good and bad)! Don’t be afraid to adapt your product or service.

What advice would you give to yourselves starting out?
Don’t be afraid to take risks, now is better than perfect, so test, verify and test again.  

What are your plans for the next 12 months?
Fillit is continuing to grow new users and increasing unique listings across the country. We are also hoping to expand our team and open up our first round of investment later this year. 

What is the most exciting thing in tech right now?
Technology has opened new doors allowing us to share and utilise resources like never before (like empty space)! 

Why does DTS matter?
DTS will allow like-minded and forward thinking individuals to come together to challenge and learn from each other as well as discuss current technology trends.


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