Bruce Daisley: The Challenge of Staying Visible in an Accelerated World

Described as “one of the most talented people in media” by Campaign Magazine, the current European Vice President of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, joined the company after holding various leadership roles at tech giants such as; EMAP (now Bauer Media), Google and Youtube.

From humble beginnings at Capital radio to leading an award winning sales team at Bauer Media (formerly EMAP), to a four-year stint with Google where he oversaw the growth of their UK display advertising business going from the 30th to the 2nd largest in the market, it is no wonder NMA magazine honoured Bruce Daisley in 2010 by awarding him ‘Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media.’

In 2011, Bruce and his team won a further three Media Week Awards and one IPA award for their outstanding work in the highly competitive UK digital media market. However, it was his unshakeable passion for video content naturally led Bruce towards YouTube, and he quickly found himself in a leading position within the company. There he was responsible for many innovative and influential ideas for boosting sales including, rolling out YouTube’s now ubiquitous skippable ads format.

It was no surprise, therefore that Bruce was approached by Twitter to join their ranks and in 2012 he was appointed UK Director. He enjoyed a meteoric rise within the company, and under his creative and innovative leadership, Britain became Twitter’s second-largest advertising market outside of America. Promoted to European Vice President in 2015, Bruce is now running Twitter’s business in not only Europe but Africa and the Middle East as well.

Bruce has asserted his beliefs that Twitter brings the world closer together, facilitating immediate and random connections through shared passions and interests. It is perhaps, his keen ability to predict certain trends and changes that impact the way consumers are using their devices and social media as a whole and his ability to adapt to these obstacles that make him so successful. Changes that include; the transition from desktop to mobile, the navigation from horizontal to vertical devices and the vast proliferation of video, which is expected to expand exponentially by 2019.

He is well liked and very well respected amongst his peers. CEO at Ocean Outdoor, Tim Bleakley, said of the VP that “he has a rare combination of inquisitive intellect, creative flare and infectious leadership qualities, a great front man but also can do the detail.” He is highly sought-after as a speaker due to his warm, enthusiastic and easy to follow presentations, with lots of audience involvement, this master class in sales is a must-watch for anyone coming to Ireland this year.

Bruce Daisley will be speaking at DTS on Thursday, February 16th on the ‘Power of Now’ and how in an age of acceleration, delivering a compelling message has never been more challenging. To garner the most visibility possible, you first need to ensure that the content you create is both efficacious and astute.  

Secure your ticket to DTS here to ensure you do not miss out on Bruce’s appearance. To enjoy more of his insights follow him on Twitter.  

Hannah Rochford