Insider Look at DTS Most Used Apps

Rome was not built in a day. Nor was anything with legacy, for that matter. Rome was built on the combination of time, passion, people and the right tools.

Like Rome, any organisation that wishes to flourish needs to know what tools to use and how to use them in the most efficient way possible to maximise desired results.

Whatever your industry; one of the most important traits for an employee/team is being organised. On pretty much every job description you will find said trait high on the list of desired attributes, and it’s there for a good reason. With personal organisation cometh a better work rate, concise communication and a mutual sense of ease in a work environment. But as this age of information grows at a greater pace, there is only so much humankind can do to keep up.

We at Dublin Tech Summit know using the right tools can ensure that every member of our team can make the most of their capabilities, without losing crucial time at the hands of flooded inboxes or miscommunications in the office. Using these tools means that the DTS team can focus on putting our strengths into unlocking the potential success of DTS.

The tools used are some of the most widely available applications to individuals and businesses alike, and may be the key to unlocking your work-environment’s potential.


Our tools of the trade


Evernote is that personal assistant you can’t get the budget to hire. The cloud-based application – which can be downloaded free of charge – will give you the peace of mind knowing everything you need to keep on top of your work is available on a cross-device basis. Evernote is used on a daily basis at DTS for note-taking, especially in office-wide meetings! We dedicate one notetaker to jot down action points and so-on. Evernote’s multi-media sharing capabilities make s document and  image sharing quick and efficient. When everyone connected has access on their computer, phone and even their smartwatch, managing notes has never been simpler.


In any organised environment, task management is crucial. If you’re leading a team, you need to be able to deliver clear instructions on tasks to avoid losing time to poorly detailed directions. Wunderlist allows multiple users to assign and receive detailed tasks on multiple devices. With a lot to be done in a very limited amount of time, the DTS team use this application whenever a task needs doing.


There is no doubt that one of the most frustrating thing for employees who are trying to communicate with potential clients and partners is having an inbox spammed with internal email threads. Not to take away from the importance of internal communication (because we all know someone who insists on holding a meeting for everything), but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could prioritise your email inbox for external communication only? At DTS, we believe in clear communication with all of our external contacts – whether it be guests, speakers, partners or startups – and speedy internal conversations.

Slack allows all users in a workplace to communicate with each other on one shared platform, where both personal and group messages can be used to communicate with people in your work environment. Similar to the other apps mentioned, Slack is a multi-platform application that no doubt makes the Monday morning email purge a lot less daunting.

Wunderlist also connects to Slack! Each time an employee adds or completes a Wunderlist task on a selected list, it will show up in your chosen Slack channel. It’s the simplest way of tracking productivity and staying in the loop with your colleagues, all without having to write them an email.


Another handy way the DTS team save valuable time is through organised time management in our calendars. One of the biggest obstacles can be trying to synchronise all of your different calendars and be able to give someone requesting your time a definite answer. Calendy is a great app used at DTS to help the team manage their time and organise meetings, conferences, presentations, etc. Calendly will sync all of your existing digital calendars into one easy-to-use application, giving you full control over your time.


Client and business relationships are crucial, particularly if you’re a startup and want to develop healthy relationships early on. Our Partnership and StartUp100 teams utilise Salesforce because it makes account management a much more streamlined process. It’s great for collecting all the information on your customers in one place – Notes from calls, meetings, emails – it all goes into one place so instead of spending time on manual data and managing loads of different excel sheets we can focus our time on customer service and helping our partners and startups prepare for DTS.

Google Suite

The G-suite is often overlooked amongst the abundance of cloud options available to businesses. But as many of us have Google accounts that are already linked to emails, the ability to share media via Google Drive – particularly with off-site personnel – is a huge advantage.

Having the right team is by far the most important benefit to any organisation. But the right team need the right tools to work, and we believe this collection to be game-changing in the world of logistics.

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Evan O’Gorman