Simplifying Global Growth with Globalization Partners

Long before the pandemic made companies and professionals reconsider remote work as a viable business model, there were already a few precursors fueling the idea of globalized workforces.

Globalization Partners realized this potential ten years ago and has made it their mission to break down the barriers to global business — enabling employment opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Named the #1 industry leader by independent research firm NelsonHall, Globalization Partners has developed the world’s leading Global Employment Platform™ that helps companies grow their business internationally without having to set up branch offices or subsidiaries. Thanks to G-P’s cutting-edge technology, building a global remote team now takes a couple of clicks.

Going international

Setting up a business entity traditionally takes months — if not years — and costs thousands of dollars because companies must liaise with attorneys, banks, and other advisors to get international operations up and running. Thanks to their fully owned worldwide entities, G-P drastically reduces the time and costs of international hiring.

Globalization Partners has a local presence in nearly every country in the world, providing expertise wherever companies want to go. Not only that, but G-P’s solution means that companies don’t have to worry about any HR-related duties, such as onboarding, benefits, payroll setup, and contract generation — they can focus on their day-to-day business while G-P takes care of the rest.

Once a company finds the perfect candidate, Globalization Partners’ proprietary, AI-enabled, and automated platform generates a locally compliant employment contract and begins the onboarding process.

Employees are able to check payroll, benefits, time off, and expense requests, while companies can manage, scale, and run an entire global team — all on one platform. It’s a seamless process from end to end — one that consistently achieves over 98 percent customer satisfaction ratings and 100 percent employee onboarding satisfaction ratings.

More flexibility to grow your company

Companies that need help sourcing talent internationally can take advantage of G-P Recruit: an extension of G-P’s Global Employment Platform™ that enables customers to quickly identify and hire team members in key locations.

G-P Recruit matches companies with a network of recruiting specialists to find the perfect talent based on their unique requirements, including industry, location, prior roles, and more.

These hires can be for both short- and long-term projects thanks to G-P Contractor; companies can use the same self-service, end-to-end Global Employment Platform™ to easily hire and pay global workers —regardless of employment type.

The ability to hire, onboard, and manage global talent quickly gives companies a major competitive business advantage, while providing a smooth onboarding and management experience for employees.

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