Van Gogh Experience

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We’re Open! ‘Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey’ today opens in the RDS. The immersive art experience is the first digital art experience of its kind to ever open in Ireland.

Below we outline what ‘journey’ ticket holders are brought on and everything they can expect. ‘Real-life’ imagery and video content of this world premiere experience is also being released today for the first time.

Monday, May 16th 2022

Theatre of Light are today excited to announce the opening of their doors in the RDS to the public. The Irish company today open their hugely anticipated show ‘Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey’. The Van Gogh themed, advanced digital art spectacle has built huge excitement nationwide since the experience was announcement last February.

The 20,000 square foot, 360-degree multi-sensory experience surrounds you in Van Gogh’s most famous works. However, it goes far beyond this, as artificial intelligence and advanced digital technologies bring Van Gogh’s masterpieces to life and even predict how they evolve and transform over time.

This is the world premiere of this specific Van Gogh immersive art experience, due to how it interprets Van Gogh’s paintings in new ways and through new technologies. So if you think you have seen a Van Gogh experience like this overseas before – think again! Visitors will also get to experience two other multi-sensory, contemporary pieces of digital artwork, some of which have featured in the famous Atelier Des Lumiere in Paris. These other award-winning experiences take the visitor on a journey beyond Van Gogh, to the evolution of Art, Science and Light.

Speaking about today’s opening, Theatre of Light Co-Founder Daniel Gleeson said:

Working on this for three years, so excited to finally be open… We really just can’t wait for the public to finally see this and the almost inconceivably detailed digital art display we have on show… We have a huge amount of the world’s most advanced projectors all around this 20,000 square foot space in RDS, so you truly are immersed in this incredible moving and evolving artwork… Something about family friendly and all ages… After so much work from an incredible team, we just can’t wait to hear what people think


So what is the show format?

Part One: Van Gogh – An Immersive Journey

Van Gogh’s artworks and life are transformed through audio-visual storytelling in four parts, with digital interpretations and futuristic predictions of what could have been. We start by diving into his subconsciousness and then witness the beginnings of his career. We chase the dun with him to the South of France, where he paints many of his signature works. His manic episodes take us to his hospital room in saint Rémy, where he recreates endless scenery through his confinement window.

Through his eyes, paintings turn into living sceneries and futuristic 3D environments. Finally, A.I. analyses over 2,000 Van Gogh artworks, and generates imagery in his style with high-dimensional algorithms and neural networks.

Part Two: Everything

Moving beyond the Van Gogh section, the viewer now enters ‘Everything’. Observing everything as it is, questioning all that is in existence and suggesting new possibilities.

Through the eyes of a living being who follows the storyline with us, we submerge into a three part audio-visual narration where science, philosophy and metaphysics converge. We observe the familiar elements that construct our everyday lives and realise how the vast system of existence that envelopes us should be subject to many questions.

In the end, there might be numerous things we can neither perceive not think about within our limited capabilities but embracing how much we don’t know might lead us to accept being in a constant state of transformation and probabilities.

Part Three: Journey – A Photon’s Journey Through the Eye

The visitor now enters ‘Journey’, a multi award-winning digital art display, as experienced in the world-famous Atelier des Lumières in Paris.

We become a light particle and experience its journey, from the moment it approaches the eye until the brain reconstructs it into perceivable forms. Travelling through the layers of the eye, from the colourful iris to the fractured lens, to the optic nerve and finally the neurons, it is finally generated into solid impressions.

Part Four: Infinity Room

During the final part of the experience, guests enter an immersive environment that heightens ones senses and is designed to give the illusion that the lights within it are trailing off into the abyss, continuing on forever into infinity. The repetitive illusion is achieved through a creative amalgamation of light, mirrors and science.