Cindy Gallop: Creating Radical & Transformative Change


“I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.”

From a career in advertising to a mission in changing the world, Cindy Gallop is a force to be reckoned with. Now Founder and CEO of not one but three organisations, including MakeLoveNotPorn and IfWeRanTheWorld Cindy Gallop is now a household name among industry leaders. 

Cindy Gallop graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Language and Literature. In the early years of her career she worked as a theatre publicist in England before making the switch to a career in advertising. Joining the London office of British advertising firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) in 1989, she ran advertising campaigns for many household firms such as Coca Cola, Ray Ban & Polaroid.  

In 1998 she founded the US branch of BBH and served as President of the agency from 1998 to 2005. Her efforts within the field of advertising secured her the title of Advertising Woman of the Year in 2003. Just three years later, Gallop took the leap to start her own business innovation consulting firm Cindy Gallop LLC.  

In 2009, Gallop delivered a 4-minute TedTalk described as one of the event’s most popular talks, launching her organisation MakeLoveNotPorn in the process. Gallop’s initiative behind MakeLoveNotPorn is to disrupt the perception of human sexuality by providing the realistic expectations of sex outside of pornography. Gallop succeeded in publishing a TED book “MLNP: Technology’s Hardcore Impact on Human Behaviour.”  MLNP now has over 400,000 members worldwide.  

 In 2012 Gallop launched, an extension to the MLNP brand with the aim to make #realworldsex socially acceptable and shareable. 

Moving on to her next initiative, Gallop founded IfWeRanTheWorld in 2010, a world web platform with the aim of helping large corporations take action on contemporary issues around the world with the integration of social responsibility and business objectives. The company works with brands such as Levi’s to perform simple actions that lead to changing the world from the bottom up. Furthermore the organisation is now a Harvard Business School Case Study taught to students in Harvard University.  

Gallop is a professional public speaker in the areas of advertising, branding, and business strategy, speaking at highly respected conferences such as SXSW, the Association of National Advertisers, Web 2.0, ad:tech, and TED. 

Keeping her title of brand and business innovator, Gallop works selectively with clients who are looking to positively disrupt their relative industry or sector, creating radical and transformative change in the process.

Cindy Gallop will speak on February 16th at 2:10pm at DTS.

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Ayisha Ogbara