Revolut DTS
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Revolut Beyond Banking – The Founder’s View on The Future of Fintech

At Dublin Tech Summit 2021 Virtual, CNBC tech reporter Ryan Browne was joined by founder and CEO of Revolut Nikolay Storonsky to discuss the impact that the pandemic had on the financial world, the position that his company currently holds in…
Digital in Accelerating

VIGO Health: The Role of Digital in Accelerating Change in Health

VIGO Health, launched in 2021, offers a new way for people to access fast healthcare for their everyday needs through a combination of strong digital healthcare solutions and cash benefits. Between them, the founders have over 40 years of experience…

Humanizing Automation: The Benefits of a Solution-Focused Approach to Automation in 2021

Automation has quickly become one of the most important aspects of the digital transformation landscape and is on a steep upward trajectory. Automation is being deployed in every department and across all industries worldwide. Who knows, maybe…
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Making Sense of Block-Chain Technology

Written by Camila Arango - Canadian Technology Magazine Block-chain is an example of the various types of databases. You can store any information on it, however, it is a different form of database because of its data structure, and not every…
The evolution of sales
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The Evolution of Sales: 5 Ways Selling is Changing in 2021

The sales industry has transformed immensely over the past year. Discover five trends emerging with the “new sales normal” and how you can empower your team to succeed in today’s digital, fast-paced markets. Over the course of the past…