Product Development in the Risk Space

For marketplaces, earning the trust of buyers and sellers requires providing consistently secure and reliable platform experiences. However this critical component of a marketplace’s business model happens to also be particularly complex. Product Development within the Risk Space is highly dynamic in nature and in its operational demands. When attackers pivot, organizations must be agile enough to react. When new vulnerabilities develop, organizations must investigate and research. And of course, when events occur, organizations must mitigate and remediate.

On June 15th at 17:30pm IST, Etsy Director of Engineering, Anthony Mazzarella will take to the Dublin Tech Summit Horizon Stage for a conversation about Marketplace Risk. Join him to learn more about Etsy’s tailored approach to providing a secure and reliable marketplace experience to its 5.5M sellers and nearly 89.1M buyers. 


The evolution of Etsy’s global Risk engineering program has been influenced by learnings from DevOps, SRE (site reliability engineering), and other modern engineering concepts. Anthony will walk through a few of these unique approaches.

One key area of learning – and one that’s probably familiar to many – is the shift from operational reactivity to proactive product development. In order to effectively move away from tactical in-the-moment responses as the default, Etsy teams have been identifying specific priorities defined by problems, outcomes, and opportunity impact. Anthony will discuss evaluating trade-offs and how our teams measure for qualitative and quantitative success.


Etsy places enormous emphasis on the empowerment of its employees. By rethinking how a business defines engineering responsibility towards delivering on risk objectives, Etsy has established a development approach through which features are designed and informed by – rather than gated by – Risk advocacy and education. Anthony will share how Etsy has established this enhanced approach as well as the tooling that supports it today. 


Finally, to illustrate how these learnings are put into practice, Anthony will share a case study from our Etsy team. He’ll walk attendees through the design and the eventual implementation of a specific product; how our teams iterated, experimented, trained and shifted ownership; on to post-launch results and potential future platform enhancements.

Interested to learn more? Join Anthony at the Horizon Stage, June 15th at 7:35pm IST, and feel free to visit Etsy’s Engineering Blog and Careers Page in the meantime.