DTS Techie Treats For Christmas

With the festive season well underway; you’re ordering your turkey, planning the family visits, you might already have some of the presents bought, but wait… you’ve no clue what to get the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) lovers for Christmas.

Aren’t you lucky that here at DTS we’re so passionate about tech that we’ve compiled a list of our favourite STEM-related gifts to give your loved ones this Christmas?

For the makers

Raspberry Pi Zero W – It doesn’t matter if your giftee is an experienced maker or a complete beginner, we think the Raspberry Pi Zero offers enough for both. From learning how computers work, building a Scratch game, coding your own music in Sonic Pi to running a local media server or your very own internet radio station, Raspberry Pi’s can keep you occupied for hours. And with the Pi Zero board being as small as a credit card and the board itself costing only £9.60, how could you resist?  


For the younger ones

Lottie Dolls – With over 20 awards under their belt, including being awarded as the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy 3 times, fresh off a Late Late Toy Show appearance & the first doll in space, Lottie Dolls are an incredible gift to any child this Christmas. What’s different about Lottie? Lottie and Finn dolls are made with curious and adventurous children in mind. They are built to resemble a child’s proportions and their characters aim to inspire any child to dream about interesting roles especially STEM roles.  


For the AI fans

Voted for by our twitter followers. The Amazon Echo seems to be the favourite buy when it comes to home assistant devices this Christmas and we can’t disagree with them on that. 

On a side note, check out The Babble for some great tips on how to save money on Amazon.


For the entire family

Google Chromecast – If you haven’t got one yet, we think a Google chromecast is a good shout when it comes to a gadget for the entire family. With the ability to stream anything from Netflix and Spotify to games and your family photos directly to your TV. It’s guaranteed to bring the family around one central screen again.

For the gadget lovers

Smarter Coffee Maker – When it comes to technology and gadgets, you can’t go wrong with looking for the most efficient way of making your coffee. That’s why we’re loving the Smarter Coffee maker, get ready to wake up and come home to fresh coffee or even make your cup from your couch with the Smarter Coffee app.


For yourself

Dublin Tech Summit 2018 tickets – Don’t forget to treat yourself as well this Christmas. Why not pick yourself up some #DTS18 early bird tickets before Dec 15th. With 8 core themes from IoT, fintech & sustainability to the hottest upcoming startups in our expo zone and Ireland’s first Music X Tech experience brought to you by beatvyne, you really don’t want to miss out.

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