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Why Should Startups Attend Tech Events?

“We had an amazing two days and the progress we have made with customers and potential investors is invaluable for us. Without the event [DTS] none of that would have been possible.”- Dean Tobin, CEO of GolfBirdie (Dublin, Ireland)

We understand how stressful it can be to run a startup and how hard you work to get the most out of every resource. We also know how many events from; networking to showcasing there are virtually screaming at you to spend your most valuable resource at, time. With so much to choose from you can begin to wonder why you should keep attending or start attending these tech events?

Foreword: Don’t overdo it! Each of the following outline some of the benefits of attending tech events, they are benefits to get excited about before an event but you should also consider other factors before signing up for any event; How many days work does it take me away from? Who could I meet there? Will my target audience be in attendance? What investors will be there? What talks could I possible attend & learn from? Is this the right audience for my company?


“What I know about networking is this: It is an essential and continuous activity. You control the effort but not the outcome. Networking is everywhere.” – Kelly Hoey, Author, Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World.

Love it or dread it, networking doesn’t come as a choice in most cases and for startups, it’s essential! Whether it’s a new connection on LinkedIn, a potential customer or better yet a potential investor, running your startup requires an awful lot of talking to new faces and what better place to do it than at a global technology event where those are likely to get exactly what you mean. Top Tip: If you’re still a little nervous about networking at events we recommend reading Kelly Hoey’s ‘Build Your Dream Network..’


You never know what all that networking will lead to. A single conversation can spark a million ideas, try numerous conversations over two or more days… Sharing ideas with fellow techies could lead to a new product feature, discover the opportunity for a new collaboration, hear all of tips and tricks on the best way to implement that new JavaScript library you’re thinking of using, the list goes on. Top tip: It’s wonderful that you are soaking up so many ideas from other parties but make sure to throw some of your ideas out there too.


There’s no doubt that tech events provide a degree of exposure for startups. As they say, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”. Now of course exposure sadly doesn’t mean every passer by or networking opportunity converts into a sale. However,  by simply getting your name, product and ideas out there to the public you are opening up your chances of meeting an attendee who’s cousin ‘100% needs your product’ or the friend of that one investor you’d love to meet. Top Tip: Have those business cards & flyers at the ready.

Investors & Mentors

One thing to bear in mind whilst networking and showcasing at tech events is the opportunity to talk to investors and potential mentors. You really never know who will be looking at your startup & don’t let that scare you. Top Tip: First thing in the morning & anytime you take a breather at the event, take a leaf out of Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk and practice your High-Power Poses.

Do you feel like your startup is ready to attend the next tech event full of world leaders? Our DTS18 Startup200 programme is now open and accepting registrations for both Amplify (Growth Stage) & Uplift (Early Stage) startups. You can find out more about our DTS18 Startup200 Programme here.