Unlocking the Everywhere Workforce

R.E.M.’s lyrics “It’s the end of the world as we know it” have possibly never been truer. In the last few years, we’ve seen an immeasurable amount of transformation from how we live to how we do business.

Modern work has changed at an unprecedented pace. Before teams were limited by geographical borders. Today the digital economy, combined with the shift towards flexible work, has created opportunities for businesses to work with the best talent around the globe.

Talent is a determining factor of a company’s ability to grow and scale and, ultimately, its overall success. As the global workforce becomes even more distributed, companies must be able to access emerging talent markets to stay competitive.

However, challenges still exist. The cost and complexity of establishing legal entities and ensuring compliance with local labor laws can create barriers for businesses looking to expand globally and take advantage of the trove of talented resources the world has to offer.

The Best Kept Secret

It’s possible to unlock the everywhere workforce easily… if you partner with an employer or record (EOR).

An EOR allows companies to hire around the globe without setting up a legal entity. It serves as the legal employer while the company handles the daily management and work of its new employee. Not to mention it absorbs all risks of compliance associated with local laws and regulations.

As the pioneer and recognized leader of the global employment industry, G-P has offered EOR solutions to companies for more than 11 years. We provide a more efficient way to build global teams while removing legal, HR and compliance complexities – helping companies unlock their full potential and provide opportunities for anyone, anywhere. In the last decade, we’ve helped thousands of companies find, hire, onboard, pay, and manage team members, quickly and compliantly– without the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branch offices.

G-P continues to set the pace of innovation in how companies find and hire anyone, anywhere around the world, recently introducing the first and only comprehensive and customizable SaaS-based employment suite. G-P Meridian Suite provides all the essential tools for businesses to compliantly and efficiently find, recruit, hire and manage their global workforce. It enables turn-key global expansion, helping all businesses from start-ups to large enterprise companies quickly and compliantly break into new markets.

Providing additional peace of mind, G-P’s technology is backed by the industry’s largest team of in-house and in-country legal and HR experts who support and guide companies anywhere in the world ensuring local laws, customs and cultural sensitivities are responsibly followed, observed and respected.

The Next Chapter

As the business landscape and talent market evolves, businesses are seeking more compelling solutions to meet their demands for global growth.

We’ll share G-P’s vision for the future of the global employment industry and how to better build global teams in the new world of work in Dublin on May 31.

  • 10:20 AM Prism Stage – Global Growth Tech: Harnessing Generative AI, Insights & Human Intelligence to Unlock the Everywhere Workforce
  • 13:30 PMWorkshop Stage – Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Unlocking the Possibilities of the Everywhere Workforce
  • 14:00PMEvolution Stage – G-P + Udemy: A masterclass in global growth

See you there!