The Advent of Global Growth Technology

Taking the number one spot as the Employer of Record (EOR) industry leader is hard work but maintaining the number one position takes more than just hard work, as it requires visionary leadership, an innovative DNA coupled with gumption and commitment. G-P unveiled its long-term vision at the Dublin Tech Summit 2023 to uphold its reign as the recognized industry leader and evolve the space for the future.

Enter: Global Growth Technology

G-P, the pioneer and recognized leader in the global employment industry, known for setting the standard in global employment compliance, today unveiled its vision for global growth technology, a new category that will move the employer of record (EOR) industry into new territory. The company also announced future G-P Meridian Suite products that will provide rich insights and global expertise, remove the friction for global expansion, and ensure compliant employee lifecycle management.

New Horizon for Global Employment

G-P’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Nat (Rajesh) Natarajan, explained in a keynote presentation at the Dublin Tech Summit, that the new category – Global Growth Technology – was sparked by the demands and opportunities of the everywhere workforce. McKinsey, in partnership with G-P, recently estimated this market to be worth well over $50 billion. Modern work has been transformed by technological advances enabling companies to quickly build global teams and the availability of talent from emerging countries. However, companies need guidance on where to start and support to implement and manage strategies that effectively unlock opportunities.

Unlocking the Everywhere Workforce

Announced in April 2023, the G-P Meridian Suite sets the new standard as the first and only comprehensive and customizable AI-enabled Global Employment SaaS-based product suite that provides all the essential tools for businesses to compliantly and efficiently find, recruit, hire and manage their global workforce. It enables turn-key global expansion, helping all businesses from start-ups to large enterprise companies quickly and compliantly break into new markets.

Providing additional peace of mind, G-P’s technology is backed by the industry’s largest team of in-house and in-country legal and HR experts who support and guide companies anywhere in the world ensuring local laws, customs and cultural sensitivities are responsibly followed, observed, and respected.

“Our vision for G-P Meridian Suite is to enable business leaders to find success building and managing global teams while enabling the professionals they hire to do their best work no matter where they are in the world,” said Nicole Sahin, founder and CEO, G-P. “Modern work isn’t just about where your business lives today. At G-P, it’s about where opportunities can take you tomorrow. Where you see growth made possible, teamwork made possible, and global made possible…for everyone.”

At the Dublin Tech Summit, G-P also introduced additional global growth solutions as part of the G-P Meridian Suite, and invited customers to participate in a beta launch of:

  • G-P Meridian IQ that will provide the intelligence companies need to inform their business growth around the world.
  • G-P Meridian eLibrary that will provide customizable and locally compliant digital document templates and software to help customers save time and deliver a richer, localized experience to their global workforce.
  • G-P Meridian Advisor that will support employee engagement, address employee issues and answer payroll or benefits questions for teams in markets around the globe using G-P’s proprietary data.
  • G-P Meridian Marketplace that will enable companies to connect directly to G-P’s certified partners through a single platform, creating one interface for customers to access products and services needed to support their global expansion.

Register to participate in the beta launch here and learn more about the complete offerings of G-P Meridian Suite here.