FinTech talks you can’t afford to miss at DTS

The future is here.
By future we mean FinTech.

A trend that will no doubt help Ireland enter a new era of exciting and lucrative technology, FinTech is gradually expanding into almost every area of business that involves money. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of clarity amongst the global community on the concept, the opportunity and the dangers involved in Financial Technology. To avoid getting lost in FinTech’s continuous state of flux, this year’s Dublin Tech Summit will see leaders of the FinTech world come together and discuss all the possibilities of its future. Here are just some of the talks you can’t afford to miss:


16th February 2017


10:00 am – The Future of Money

The move to mobile is one of the latest major global trends in the ever-changing technology industry. This development has required an enormous amount of innovation and further advancements will be required as it shapes the future of money.

Speaker: Louise Phelan


10:20 – Payments: New Approaches & Emerging Markets

Payments are a millennia old process which has developed through innovation. These innovative changes are set to continue as various industries utilise technology to create new, simpler methods of payments for the future.

Speakers: Elizabeth Lumley, Dora Ziambra, Louis Phelan, Colm Lyon


10:50 – The Next 10 Years in FinTech

The past 10 years have brought about astronomical changes in the FinTech industry. Some anticipated advancements in the next decade could include a greater focus on technology, marketplace banking, and increased competition.

Speaker: Philippe Gelis


11.20 – The Future of Global Money Transfer

The transferral and utilisation of money around the world has seen significant changes and disruption in recent years. With these new disruptors comes significant time and cost savings for users. However, some barriers to absolute freedom of movement still stand in place. Disruptors are aiming to challenge these barriers to positively impact the world of FinTech and global money transfer for the future.

Speakers: Philippe Gelis, Nikolay Storonsky, David Murphy, Barry Dowling, Anna Koveleva


11:50 – Tech Eats Investing

It’s time the investment industry woke up and realised how much technology is reshaping it for the better by driving efficiencies, increasing pricing transparency, and making access to quality returns easier.

Speaker: Samantha Ghiotti


12:10 – Creating the Optimal Tech Ecosystem

When it comes to developing the optimal tech and FinTech ecosystem – such as London’s Canary Wharf – there is a tried and tested formula that has helped build such ecosystems.

Speaker: Ben Brabyn


12:30 – Venture Incubators, Corporate Accelerators & Other Catalysts for FinTech Innovation

When businesses are seeking funding it’s paramount that they acquire their funding from a source which suits them and shares their vision. FinTech companies are no different and securing funding the wrong way can impair or cripple a company.

Speakers: Stephan Jacquemot, Elizabeth Lumley, Ben Brabyn, Pauline Sygulska Tenner, Oliver Harris


13:00 – Beyond The Headlines: The Relationship between Banks and Startups is Evolving

Building a level of trust with a major banking institution can be challenging and taxing for FinTech companies who are trying to get started in the industry, especially when the markets become volatile or unstable, but it’s achievable with the right skills and approach.

Speaker: Celine Lazorthes


13:20 – The Power of Personalisation in the Financial Services Industry

Financial services have traditionally been viewed as cold, corporate, and generally daunting. With the surge in disruptors pulling power back from the large banking corporations it also allows them to do it their way. Personalisation has had a big part to play in this, and its importance should not be neglected.

Speakers: Celine Lazorthes, Aparna Mukherjee, Mark Roden, Lorenz Jüngling, Rohit Arora


14:20 – The Future of Investing in and Building FinTech Companies

The FinTech industry is one of the leading innovators in developing new approaches to lending and investing. With further innovation bound to be accomplished, there is potential for this to impact the way in which companies and investors deal with each other.

Speakers: Matthias Lange, Maoiliosa O’Culachain, Jack Eadie, Jeff Lynn, Adam French


14:50 – Blockchain is a Utility for the World

The potential for decentralized technologies is nearly limitless as demonstrated by Blockchain. But in order to utilise the full potential of Blockchain, it, and other similar technologies must first be understood by consumers to make it more appealing and trustworthy.

Speaker: Bruce Pon


15:40 – In a New Era of FinTech, how do we prevent a New Era of Fraud?

The need for online banking to be efficient and fast while the user-base constantly increases could be compromising its security, but a number of companies are working hard to ensure your money is always protected.

Speakers: Ofer Friedman, Aparna Mukherjee, Jørgen Christian Juul, Olov Renberg


16:10 – Trust: Creating it with Consumers

There needs to be a high level of trust between businesses and their customers for the business to succeed. FinTech companies that build this trust are almost as important as the forward thinking technology they create.

Speakers: Jens Woloszczak, Hazel Moore, Ben Sanders, Derek Butler


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Evan O’Gorman