eyeson, The #1 Video Meeting Experience for Teams

Our Story

We, a team of four real-time communication specialists from air traffic control, founded eyeson since we missed something in the solely audio-based air traffic control communication. We simply wanted more. Therefore, we decided to add video in the most sophisticated but also straight way. Built upon our expertise, we developed a video meeting tool which is based on our patented Single Stream Technology (SST). This technology pools all video streams from each participant into one single video stream. Therefore, the bandwidth stays always stable and low and it does not get as CPU intensive as other online video and webinar tools. This is the reason why you can always enjoy HD quality video meetings with eyeson, even with your mobile phone.

What We Provide

Eyeson simply provides a new and better way of video conferencing. Our tool is based on video meeting rooms which can be accessed and shared anytime. Therefore, video team meetings have become really easy since once you have invited a colleague or friend to your room, permanent access is provided. Michael Wolfgang, CTO: “The daily scrum meetings with my development team have become so easy. We share one room where we discuss all issues – my remote team included.”

What You Can Do With Eyeson

Create Video Meeting Rooms

You can create as many unique video meeting rooms as you need. These rooms can be customized according to your preferences (title, image). All video meetings are saved in your personal room meeting history. If you have recorded your them you can download the files in your history as well.

Adjust Multi-Speaker Layouts

With eyeson, you can host and join video meetings with more than 100 participants. Up to 20 can actively participate and up to 9 can be visible in the video layout. This layout can be changed according to the presenters’/speakers’ sequence. All other participants have the
option of watching the video and contributing via the chat.

Invite Colleagues & Friends

Before the video meeting starts, participants can be invited via your preferred communication tool by sharing a simple link which can be opened in a web or mobile browser without any installation. However, they can be invited during the meeting with the Quick Join option as well. You can also decide between permanent room users and one-time meeting guests.

Share Screens & Files

Another feature eyeson provides you is screen and file sharing. Data do not have to be sent prior to the meeting, since it can be displayed during the meeting. Moreover, you can live stream your video meeting to Facebook and YouTube.

Hold Webinars

Webinars can be streamed to YouTube as well with eyeson. You can enjoy all features which eyeson video meeting rooms are providing you and in addition, you can download a CSV file after your webinars which is quite convenient for your follow-up performance. The moderator can display selected questions of the webinar participants directly inside the live video stream.

Integrate Our API

We offer you an API which can be integrated into your web application. The eyeson API is the foundation upon which all UI components and libraries are built. Moreover, it offers direct control over eyeson CLOUD MCU instances and even allows you to compose video content in real-time.

eyeson is already integrated into Slack, Jira, Trello, Hipchat, Google Calendar, YouTube, Facebook, Zendesk, Freshdesk and Talkdesk. Salesforce and Zapier are coming soon.

Due to our unique technology, eyeson was named “a cool vendor in unified communications in 2017” by Gartner Inc. Moreover, our video meeting tool was rated among the “Top 5 for the 2017 Reviewers’ Choice for Video Conferencing Software” by Software Advice in terms of overall performance, ease of use and customer service. Everything which was mentioned here, we are going to present personally on the Tech Summit (18 – 19 April) in Dublin at our stand SU32. We would love to meet you there!