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Why investing needs to be democratised

The financial crisis turned the world upside down. It shattered trust in legacy institutions and shaped a whole generation. It was shocking to see how people got scammed by bank advisors, who are not really advisors, but actually salesmen for products they don’t understand. In the meantime, Bitcoin appeared and its concept was not only […]

Tech Jobs of Tomorrow: Machine Learning

Whether you’re hiring or applying for new roles in emerging technologies, it’s important to know where tech is headed and how companies are adapting hiring and skilling strategies. We’ve culled a few insights from the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report to get you up to speed on what you need to know […]


Forbes Insights: A Video-First Culture is Critical for Overcoming the Workplace Challenges of the Future

How and where we accomplish work today are so different from previous generations that organizations have to rethink how they accommodate the modern workplace, and how they respond to such shifts today will be critical to their success tomorrow. That’s according to new Forbes Insights research on workplace trends, and the findings demonstrate just how […]

360 Innovaton Lab presents Xcite

What is Xcite? In short: Xcite is the Kick-Start to 360 Lab´s Accelerator program and their very own start-up pitch event. Out of 932 applicants, the best 15 are invited to London for a 2-day Pitch-Bootcamp to prepare them for Xcite, where the top 10 will pitch their idea, their business, their vision in front […]

Looking back at DTS19

So a month has passed since we discussed what tomorrow looks like. And as we venture into the remainder of 2019 and emerge into a new era of the twenties – it’s important that we look back on some of the highlights of things that have been. And in this blog post, we’re going to […]

Mentoring: A call to arms for advancing gender-balance

It’s so easy to forget our recent past and forget how far we have come, particularly here in Ireland. Many women in my generation have had career opportunities that our mothers could only ever have dreamed of. The year my own mother got married, Ireland’s marriage bar still forbade married women from working in public […]

Startups – Tips to make the most of your time at DTS19

Our ScaleX programme is a great way for startups to get valuable face-to-face time with the investors and individuals that you have been hoping to reach, but how can you make sure that you stand out in comparison to the other startups who will be attending to really utilise your time at DTS and make […]