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What the Metaverse Means for Sustainability

Everyone is talking about the Metaverse and the implications it may have on the social fabric of our society. It’s clear that we are living in a digital age, and with technology quickly advancing, the future possibilities are endless.   If there is one thing that remains uncertain, it’s the sustainability of this new, virtual […]

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6 Issues Faced By Online Payment Companies During Recent Years

Despite the innovative technologies available today, including portable wallets, online installments, and global payment methods, there are still difficulties to manage. Numerous advanced organizations need to work with online payment methods to empower exchanges all around the world, which is not possible with traditional banking models. It therefore leads to some difficulties in the online […]

Why Tech Companies Should Choose a Four-Day Working Week

UK/Ireland tech start-up and employee rewards platform Mór have adopted the 4-day working practice since they launched in February 2021 and believe that other tech companies and start-ups should follow their lead and look to establish this innovative way or working. Mór became the first tech start-up in the UK to implement the 4-day working […]

The Apulian delegation: 10 examples of IT excellence

Innovative software, decision support systems, platforms dedicated to leisure time, software for e-commerce, systems for handling visa requests or for localization in closed environments, mechatronic engineering solutions, service platforms for family life. These are the main specializations of the 10 start-ups and innovative SMEs that will be at Dublin Tech Summit 2022, as part of […]

Are You Ready for the Future of HR Tech?

How do you make the most of an increasingly decentralized and highly mobile workforce? Beyond providing the technological tools for productivity and seamless communication between HQ and satellite offices, company leaders must also cater to the rising demand for flexible working arrangements. Nimble mobility policies Changing workforce regulations have always been a constant. What is […]

Dublin Airport at the Dublin Tech Summit 2022

Dublin Airport Media Sales bring the exciting unrivalled opportunity to hyper target your brand to a massive Irish and international audience. Few locations create an atmosphere charged with more excitement and anticipation while bringing a guaranteed diversity of people. Our passengers travel through a specifically engineered pedestrian flow, this allows our audience to be profiled […]

Showcasing regional excellence in innovation and digital tech start-ups

Puglia is an emerging region in the southeast of Italy, steeped in history but as innovative as the Silicon Valley, where the endless beauty of the sea and rural landscapes have turned it into a top tourist destination and where the high quality of life represents an asset for local businesses. The regional government stands […]

Simplifying Global Growth with Globalization Partners

Long before the pandemic made companies and professionals reconsider remote work as a viable business model, there were already a few precursors fueling the idea of globalized workforces. Globalization Partners realized this potential ten years ago and has made it their mission to break down the barriers to global business — enabling employment opportunities for […]

Van Gogh Experience

DTS is partnering with the Van Gogh experience. You can use CODE DTS15 for a 15% discount when booking your tickets. Buy tickets now on vangoghdublin.com We’re Open! ‘Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey’ today opens in the RDS. The immersive art experience is the first digital art experience of its kind to ever open in Ireland. […]