Three Ways Distributed Teams Benefit Your Company

Companies around the world turned fully remote during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their workers safe. Now, 97.6% of employees say they want to work from home at least some days per week for the rest of their careers.

The benefits of remote work aren’t just for talent. Employers see increased productivity, flexibility, and employee happiness. However, building a remote workforce around the globe isn’t without challenges. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of remote teams and how to quickly and compliantly hire globally—at the click of a button.


Three Benefits of Hiring Global Teams 

When companies implement remote-first work models, both talent and employers reap the benefits. Some of the best perks of remote work include:

  1. Find the Best Talent 

Tech recruiters and HR professionals still say that their biggest difficulty is finding qualified candidates. Building remote teams—rather than strictly searching in a company’s HQ market—is one way to quickly broaden the talent pool and find the best, most qualified talent for any role. This allows companies to fill positions faster, find the skill sets they need, and add diversity to their workforces.


  1. Boost Employee Retention 

The tech industry is no stranger to high job turnover rates. In fact, around 50% of software engineers only stay at one job for two years. While many factors determine how long someone will stay at a company, offering benefits like remote work give talent a better work-life balance. This flexibility is invaluable and will help companies keep valuable talent around longer.


  1. Reduce Operating Costs 

Reducing costs is a huge benefit for companies of any size, particularly fast-growing tech companies. Switching to remote work reduces overhead costs such as rent, building maintenance, and more. Companies also no longer have to offer transportation benefits to commuting employees, so they save money on those costs as well.


Hire Anyone, Anywhere—at the Click of a Button 


Building remote global teams clearly has many benefits, but hiring across borders presents some challenges. Navigating different employment laws, running payroll in multiple currencies, and offering compliant benefits packages are just a few challenges that prevent many companies from hiring in new markets.


Partnering with a global Employer of Record (EoR), such as Velocity Global, is one of the fastest and easiest ways to overcome these challenges and build remote teams anywhere. Companies that use a global EoR partner can hire talent quickly and compliantly, without the long-term commitment or complexities that come with setting up foreign legal entities and state registrations. An EoR partner will onboard and pay your global teams while you maintain day-to-day control.

Velocity Global’s Global Work Platform™ streamlines the EoR relationship and makes managing global workforces easier than ever.  With just a few clicks, employers have insight into their complete remote teams to onboard new workers, run global payroll, manage benefits, and more. The platform gives talent the flexibility to work from anywhere and employers the ability to manage their distributed teams compliantly and quickly.


Learn More About Velocity Global 

Technology has transformed so many different aspects of our daily lives, and now it’s changing the way we work. Velocity Global’s proprietary, cloud-based talent management technology gives employers the ability to hire anyone, anywhere. To see what Velocity Global can do for your company, visit our website or chat with one of our global hiring experts at the 2022 Dublin Tech Summit.