The Apulian delegation: 10 examples of IT excellence

Innovative software, decision support systems, platforms dedicated to leisure time, software for e-commerce, systems for handling visa requests or for localization in closed environments, mechatronic engineering solutions, service platforms for family life. These are the main specializations of the 10 start-ups and innovative SMEs that will be at Dublin Tech Summit 2022, as part of the Apulia regional delegation.Let’s get to know them together.Altanet is an innovative SME, based in Altamura (Ba) that operates in IT, specializing in software design and development, the creation of websites, open source solutions and support for corporate IT systems, in addition to enterprise asset management.Based in Bari, Apuliasoft helps software-based companies to achieve innovation goals by creating innovative, stable and scalable tailor-made software solutions.The company develops complex web platforms, mobile applications and data analysis software, offering Product Development, IT consulting and Software Maintenance services.Cyber ​​Dyne is company from Bari, expert in the design of decision support systems for business processes. It offers solutions for planning and scheduling manufacturing, optimizing engineering design, logistics and personnel organization, thanks to Kimeme: the software designed by the company, which uses artificial intelligence for multi-industry and multi-industry optimization.On the other hand, Gnd is a Bari-based start-up that designs, develops and markets digital platforms. In this case, however, the focus shifts from managing work activities to making the most of free time in its various forms, as long as it is spent in the right company. The start-up is in fact launching a social app (Gonnadu) for the organization of free time and events, both face-to-face and virtual.Part of the Exprivia group, the start-up Hrcoffe from Molfetta (Ba) is specialized in the digitalization and optimization of managerial activities. It carries out ad hoc multimedia projects and brings together data from different business procedures, offering strategic advice and the adoption of a flexible Hr & App platform divided into three areas: Hr Traditional, Hr Social and People Analytics.Icomm Lab, based in Acquaviva delle Fonti (Ba) is an innovative SME that has developed an integrated service platform for multichannel digital communication and specializes in the development of software platforms for e-commerce. This is how Leadstone was born, the digital station for the straight-forward and autonomous management of e-commerce and online digital marketing that aims to help professionals and companies to start and manage their business online.From Cassano delle Murge, in the province of Bari, the micro-enterprise Visafy has preferred to focus on a niche sector. It has created a proprietary digital platform, which allows you to apply for any type of travel visa online in an easy, fast and intuitive way, particularly useful for companies that have to request multiple visas simultaneously and repeatedly. Nextome, an SME based in Conversano (BA) is a leader in indoor positioning. In fact, it has created a navigation and localization system that operates indoors, where the GPS signal is absent. The system allows the user to accurately know their position inside buildings, plan and follow routes and enjoy a range of related services. SD Companies is a start-up based in Altamura (Ba) which offers mechatronic engineering solutions for technical-scientific instruments and applications. It develops software and creates and supplies advanced solutions based on image processing techniques, machine learning, artificial intelligence, three-dimensional reconstruction, thermal analysis and new algorithms. It is also specialized in programming robots and developing augmented realities. The start-up Sliding Life from Foggia has chosen to focus on solving family problems, by creating a platform aimed at offering services for each phase of separation and divorce procedures, connecting users with lawyers, psychologists and a community of people in the same situation. It has also created the “Parenting” app which allows parents, separated or not, to better manage the day-to-day needs of family life.