Technology: The Heart of Digital Healthcare

Why has digital taken so long to come to health? Is healthcare the last frontier for digital to truly make a difference?

Technology has transformed every aspect of our daily lives from the way we travel to how we speak to each other, why has health care not adapted as quickly to digital in order to deliver world-class treatment?

Innovators across the globe are working to make advancements in Medtech, all equally passionate in their delivery of world-class digital healthcare. Botswana has delivered a mobile first electronic health record. A hospital located in Buffalo, New York has created walls that configure around a patient. Ireland is delivering the worlds first genomic sequencing programme in Epilepsy, truly contextualising care for patients. The delivery of digital into healthcare has never been more exciting than it is today in Ireland. Over the next 5 years Ireland is on track to bring more scheduled investment in health than any other country. This makes Ireland the perfect location for an event such as DTS to take place.

DTS will feature unique keynotes and diverse panel discussions that will deliver insights, innovation and wisdom. The speakers range from seasoned veterans of the medical industry to those speaking about new technologies and ideas just hitting the marketplace. eHealth Ireland has built a reputation of using innovative ways of engaging with the public, clinicians and patients. The partnership between eHealth Ireland and DTS is a natural one, given both organisations commitment to forward-thinking and emphasis on innovation. The upcoming event will seek to provide a platform for trailblazers that aim to accelerate the level of adoption of tech in the medical sciences.

Using storytelling and practical lessons learned from global leaders in this arena, DTS will enable networking with multiple stakeholders, as well as, start conversations that will open attendees minds to different perspectives around changing behaviour and attitudes in health. The robust programme will provide ideas for the next steps to place digital health care at the heart of any organisation.

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Richard Corbridge, CEO, eHealth Ireland