Smarter Sustainable Growth

For years, Lenovo has been striving for greater sustainability. Engineering lower energy laptops to reducing carbon in the manufacturing process as well as increased focus on sustainable and recyclable packaging of product.

Sustainability actions are good for business.  Efforts can provide the following benefits:

  • Positive Brand Recognition
  • Meet customer demands on working with a partner in sustainability
  • Retain Talent who values sustainability efforts made by their organization
  • Increase in Efficiency
  • Recover potential loses in Value

Our Role as a Global Leader

Lenovo is focused on building a long-term sustainable business through efforts in manufacturing, sustainable and recycled packaging, supply chain as well as consumer education.

Lenovo Innovating Products and Services

Circular Economy– Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services assist in refreshing aging and inefficient IT equipment, while recycling securely and responsibly. This allows for the install of modern efficient equipment designed and manufactured utilizing efforts in sustainability. Lenovo’s products are continually evaluated for ease of disassembly and recycling as part of the “circular economy”. As announced in our most recent ESG Report, by FY 2025/26, 84% of repairs will be done without having to send the PC to a service center, 76% of PC parts returned to our service center will be repaired for future use, and Lenovo will have enabled the recycling and reuse of 800 million pounds of end-of-life products.[1]

Sustainability through Efficiency– Businesses today are considering sustainability and overall reduction in carbon footprint as a top priority. When reviewing your next IT configuration, consider Lenovo’s CO2 offset services. This service is a first of its kind in the IT industry.  Lenovo is providing carbon offset emissions during point of purchase on new Lenovo Think devices.  Lenovo has calculated the emissions over 5 years as this is the average lifecycle of most PC equipment.  Factors include more sustainable manufacturing, packaging, shipping and usage.  Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service supports several different initiatives which include new or extensions of existing projects, windmills, solar cells and biomass energy among others. Forestation and forest conservation are also areas we are looking into for the future.[2] By 2030, Lenovo and Motorola’s engineers and product designers are working to increase the energy efficiency of desktops and servers by 50%, and mobile phones and notebooks by 30%.1 Lenovo plans to be net zero emissions by the year 2050 through greener energy use and product engineering initiatives.

Helping Others with Sustainability Efforts

Lenovo has found customers want to work with organizations who are actively engaged in sustainability efforts.  Organizations recognized in the media as positively affecting climate change have seen their share price outperform the MSCI world index by 26%2.  Lenovo has found that over half of today’s customers (57%) would change their purchasing habits to change potential negative environmental effects and become more sustainable. Due to these market trends, Lenovo host a program, Green Workshops, to help customers in any vertical decide on best equipment and how they can optimize their technology to run as efficiently as possible while reducing overall carbon footprint.

[1] Lenovo Earth Day 2022- Sustainability for a Smarter Future

[2] Lenovo CO2 Offset Services