Scale, build, and stay secure with compliance automation

Scaling businesses are often asked about their security posture. Customers, investors, partners, and prospective clients want proof that they can trust that their data is safe when getting into a business partnership. The most common and accepted ways to prove your security is through compliance certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2, or GDPR. And, most companies will ask to see proof of such certifications before making any sort of business agreements – and with good reason.

Data is being processed at a rate unlike any other time in history. And companies need to constantly earn the trust of their customers. Security and compliance audits are notably the best way to ensure to customers that data is secure. Your organization’s potential to grow as a global business may depend on certifications that are more commonly accepted in that region.

However, it can be difficult for startups to both prioritize security and also build a product worth selling. Traditional compliance audits are time consuming, tedious, and require the work of those who have very little bandwidth. An audit can cost several thousands of dollars and can take several months to complete.

Most compliance audits are just a snapshot in time of your company’s security. They don’t provide any safeguarding past the point of certification. Point-in-time security audits are proof of security at the time of the audit, but can leave room for security failures in the future. Automated compliance platforms, however, have the potential to continuously monitor your organization and will simultaneously notify you of bugs and breaches, while maintaining your security compliance.

Vanta is the leader in compliance automation platforms and provides continuous monitoring to ensure your software configurations and permissions areup-to-date. This makes certification and then recertification seamless because all of your collected data lives in one place and is always accessible.

Vanta has helped over 3,000 businesses complete compliance in about half the time of a traditional audit because it automates up to 90% of the manual evidence collection. On top of that, Vanta makes it easier to understand the difficult audit and collection process with lightweight workflows. With Vanta, your organization will avoid the painful and costly mistakes caused by human errors.

Vanta is the fastest automated security platform for becoming audit-ready and then maintaining security past the certification process. With built in compliance automation, it makes security easier – and gives you a more sophisticated security posture that you and your customers can trust.

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