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Highlights of Day 1, Dublin Tech Summit, 2022

Christopher Wylie in conversation with Eric Schurenberg at Dublin Tech Summit, 2022

We were delighted to be back in-person at the RDS for Dublin Tech Summit, 2022. 


Dublin Tech Summit welcomed 200+ speakers from all over the world to its four stages to offer their insights on topics like cybersecurity, future tech, big data & analytics, and the metaverse. Our 6,500 attendees also had the opportunity to network with over 100 startups and professionals from sectors including software and IT services, professional and financial services, and marketing, media and communications. 


Now, to look at (some of) the best bits from Day 1. 


Making meaningful connections and expanding networks


Firstly, Dublin Tech Summit provided plenty of opportunities for attendees, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors and the most influential & innovative thought leaders within the tech industry to connect to exchange ideas, grow their network, and make meaningful connections. 


One of our two networking lounges, the Matchmaking Area was supported and run by our partner the Dublin Chamber. The lounge saw hundreds of investors and start-ups connect to expand their horizons. 


While our other lounge offered networking opportunities to professionals from a variety of interesting and inspiring backgrounds. 


Our thought leaders took centre stage at Dublin Tech Summit


Next, our Prism stage saw many influential, inspiring speakers and thought leaders share their knowledge and expertise throughout the first day. 


Some of our brilliant speakers include Michele Romanow from Clearco, Zaria Parvez from Duolingo, Prashanth Chandrasekar from Stack Overflow, Jack Pierse from Wayflyer, and Bryan Che from Huawei


Technology companies are encouraging their developers to innovate with blockchain


Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO at Stack Overflow, talked about the company’s Developer Survey, 2022. He offered some very interesting insights concerning developer trends and the future they suggest. Prashanth revealed that the interest in blockchain is on the increase with 80% more blockchain oriented questions on Stack Overflow. 


He noted that developers are increasingly experimenting with blockchain oriented applications within and outside of work and that “technology companies are absolutely encouraging their developer or giving them space to actually innovate with blockchain within their companies.”


Going global with investment 


We were joined by moderator Robin Wauters, Founding editor at Tech.eu and Jack Pierse, CFO & Co-Founder from Wayflyer, and Conor & James McCarthy, Co-Founders of Flipdish, to talk about Ireland’s fastest growing unicorns. 


Jack told the audience that “going global with investment is probably the best side of things.” He explained that the VC market in Ireland can be limiting, while the VC markets elsewhere, such as the US, provides more funding opportunities which is inherently connected to risk tolerance. Jack also owed many thanks to his angel investors who he stated helped him the most. 


Conor talked about evolving leadership skills along with the company. He spoke about the early days of building a business and how leadership at the beginning is one-to-one but as the company progressively grows, these skills need to be developed to manage and lead a larger workforce. Conor said it’s important to be able to “motivate 300 people all at once.”


James added to the conversation by saying that leadership visibility is extremely important. He said, “your team appreciates hearing from leadership and that goes for the entire c-suite.” James also revealed that  “maintaining a sheen of positivity with the team” is necessary when you’re in a leadership role. 


How to succeed with the next million dollar idea 


Anna Flockett, Editor at UK Startups joined Michele Romanow, President and Co-Founder of Clearco, to speak about “how startups can grow during times of uncertainty.” 


Michele spoke about her first Clearco deal and how since then Clearco has invested more than three and a half billion dollars in 9,000 different founders in 10 countries. 


During the session, she acknowledged that, “the world owed you very, very little when things start to turn”, and offered a few tips to founders about how to successfully pitch for equity. The first being, “you have to perform at a 9 out of 10 or you don’t get a second meeting.” She told her audience that you have to be prepared, “people are going to start peppering you with questions and your ability to stay on your feet and land those answers perfectly is actually what gets you to a successful pitch.” 


Michele also revealed that pitches need to be deeply personal. She advised her audience that investors need to understand “…who you are, why you’re personally motivated, why you’re going to be the one that’s going to win, what’s in it for you and why you are the uniquely positioned founder.”


Watch Michele’s discussion HERE to find out more! 


Onto the next one!

Dublin Tech Summit, 2022, was such a success that we will be having our ticket flash sales for next year’s event soon. 


Dublin Tech Summit, 2023, will take place on the 30th and 1st of June at the RDS, Dublin. 


So, save the dates and make sure you don’t miss out on any pre-sale discount tickets by pre-registering HERE

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