Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The purpose of Global Accessibility Awareness Day is to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access and inclusion and how we create and design our physical and digital worlds to make them more inviting, usable, and easy to navigate.

In the past, much of the groundwork regarding accessibility was delegated to advocacy groups, but wider participation is needed. Here we catch up with our very own humans to understand how their roles are focused on making our product, our website, and our brand accessible. It is incumbent on us to become more inclusive and diverse in everything we do. 


Stewart McCarthy, senior product designer
“As a product designer, I know first-hand how creating accessible experiences that are as inclusive as possible can have a massive impact on the lives of all our users.

Workhuman® invests heavily to not only meet international design standards, but to surpass them, by incorporating accessibility and usability into the heart of our design and development process. In early 2020 we organized Workhuman Usability Day to show internal teams across the business how important accessibility is to our company.

Part of my design role involves research and observation to create more usable experiences. Then I help craft digital experiences that ensure everyone has meaningful interactions with our product, regardless of ability. This research and design can have a profound positive impact on users and their sense of self in the wider community.

The path to creating these experiences isn’t always straightforward, but the journey is imperative to creating an equal playing field. Designers at Workhuman have been increasing awareness about the accessibility and usability of our products and services because we know the societal good that can be achieved through more inclusive technology.”

Cameron Omiccioli, front end developer
“Bringing accessibility to our website is important to create an inclusive environment for our audiences. You may already be using accessibility features such as zooming in or clicking a tab to navigate a website without realizing it.

Being cognizant of these needs is what makes us an ally, or part of the movement ‘for more accessible Internet and technological infrastructure altogether.’ Part of my role at Workhuman is to ensure we have the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity on our website. This is something I am passionate about and helped bring into our new website launch. Additionally, we created a module on our website that allows for even more accessibility components and options for users, such as the ability to:

  • Change font size
  • Change the contrast of fonts on backgrounds
  • Reads text out loud
  • Create a dyslexia-friendly font
  • Pause animation, which may be distracting for viewers

These features are immensely important for users’ accessibility.” 


Maureen Buxton, creative director

“When I joined the company almost three years ago, I had never experienced a software platform where employees could recognize each other and stay connected in so many different ways. It’s a constant source of inspiration and encouragement that not only motivates me each day, but also helps me to see the value and impact I have within our organization. Once you experience a culture like this, you can’t help but realize that EVERYONE should have the chance to feel this at work. So, when we chose to make accessibility a major priority across all areas of our business, I was really excited about how many people’s lives we could impact for the better.

On the brand team we set out to enhance our brand experience. Our goal was to establish a look and feel that celebrates the beauty and diversity of humanity, while prioritizing function and accessibility. Earlier this year, we released a newly crafted brand book, website, and ad campaigns with this new style to ensure we reach our entire audience.

Partnering with teams across the company has been a great experience. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate in ways we never imagined and have gown and learned from each other’s experience. I think the best part about this is that it isn’t just about making our software more accessible, it’s about creating a more accessible and inclusive brand experience overall – which is what a Workhuman is all about.”


Without our humans, it’s just work.  
We. Are. Workhuman.

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