Efficiency Framework

Written by Sia Partners

With increased pressure on businesses to reduce cost and increase efficiency, it’s a good idea to create an efficient organisation where everyone contributes, creditable plans are built, and everyone has a shared responsibility to execute.

Sia Partners Pillars of Sustainable Efficiency Management:
  1. Design a management-sponsored program with structured metrics to drive success
  2. Eliminate communication gaps in Supply & Demand Management
  3. Build a common financial language within the organisation 
  4. Create a management view of expenses in the General Ledger
  5. Assess and drive efficiencies in how the organisation leverages data
  6. Develop and execute on synergies between business units
  7. Eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy like illogical approval processes and one-size fits all policies
  8. Identify how an organization compares to the most efficient operators

With over 20 years of experience deploying and executing efficiency programs, Sia’s team provides the expertise organisations need to generate optimal and sustainable efficiency. 

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