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Introducing Dublin Tech Summit Virtual 14th October 2020

Introducint DTS Virtual

We are delighted to announce that Dublin Tech Summit, one of the world’s leading global tech conferences, is going virtual. Dublin Tech Summit Virtual will take place on 14th October.

Following on from the success of our physical events over the past 3 years which include sell-out live summits of over 10,000 attendees and a roster of globally renowned speakers including Werner Vogels, Commander Chris Hadfield, Sofie Lindblom, Gary Vaynerchuk and Amanda Gutterman amongst others, we will continue our tradition of bringing extraordinary speakers and opportunities to you with Dublin Tech Summit Virtual on the 14th October this year.

In today’s new market, the landscape for events has changed and there is an understandable and necessary increase in demand for virtual conferences. Dublin Tech Summit’s track record gives us a unique ability to lead and deliver the same quality of content and engagement via a virtual platform. We see the demand for a world-class virtual event offering unique content, inspired insight and respected voices.

This one-day, curated event will have content from international speakers across two stages, one-to-one networking opportunities with influential thought-leaders, an active virtual exhibition hall and fully interactive options for engagement with both speakers and other attendees throughout the day.

Using cutting-edge technology, our attendees will have an unforgettable virtual experience where they will engage with an exciting lineup of experts to discuss, debate, exchange knowledge and network effectively, all without the need to travel.

DTS Virtual will facilitate large-scale, worldwide engagement and ensure networking access to top-tier industry leaders and exposure to the latest in tech thought-leadership and advancements.

Dublin Tech Summit Virtual is an exciting new step on our journey and we look forward to announcing key speakers in the coming weeks. We have worked tirelessly with our leading international partners and companies to ensure delivery of our world-class event through a virtual medium. We are excited to work with everyone in our community as we continue building towards our DTS Live event which will now take place on 20-21 April 2021. Physical events remain a key part of our leading offering but we are keen to balance the safety of our community with the demand for the best content, innovation and technology leadership.

Going Virtual

On 14th October, attendees will log in with credentials provided upon registration and enter the DTS Virtual lobby which is designed to have the look and feel of a physical space. From there, attendees can visit the Virtual Auditorium, the Exhibition Hall, the Networking Lounge and the Information Desk, with unlimited access to all areas.

To answer any questions members of our community may have, we have set up a dedicated FAQ on our website. There is also a dedicated email to deal with community queries which can be reached by emailing [email protected].