GPS for Business Support in the Digital Age

You could argue that one of the greatest inventions which has been integrated into our daily lives is GPS, and what’s not to like about it! You enter where you are, where you want to go, and the device does the rest. It will tell you how long a trip will take, whether to divert when there’s trouble ahead, and you get those gentle reminders guiding you safely to your destination. You might even be told along the way some added extras; picnic areas, sights to see or places to dine. All very straight forward. Well yes, as-long-as you follow the route!

If only there was the equivalent service for business when it comes to helping enable digital transformation. At Skillnet Ireland, we believe that we play a significant role in helping business with its talent agenda in this digital age.


Technology to Deliver Change

Technology has always had the potential to radically change the way we do business. Companies looking to increase productivity, improve quality, engage more directly with customers, grow revenue, and as we have discovered this year learn how to operate differently, either through remote working, designing additional services or finding new modes of product delivery, are starting to turn to technology as a means to continue to deliver this change.

Since the initial re-emergence and stabilisation period after lockdown, businesses have been taking time to draw breath and convert make-shift solutions into medium-and long-term digital strategies to protect their commercial interests and future survival.

However, many Irish companies are challenged with questions such as where to start? What skills are needed? Which technology to choose? How to plan? How to develop the leadership and organisational capabilities needed for success? And, how to get it all right? We know that responding to digital disruption is vital to business going forward.


Understanding the Challenge

With tight budgets, there is no appetite for owners, leaders, and company boards to waste hard earned revenue. The right skills are needed more than ever to make the right decisions and avoid the pitfalls of failed digital investments.

It is evident to us at Skillnet Ireland that to help shape programmes which guide business through the digital maze we need to understand these challenges, and through our 70 Skillnet Networks, that is exactly what we are doing.

The feedback is crystal clear, business needs guidance, a trusted partner to help guide through this complex journey. We know we must equip companies with the digital know-how to answer those questions of where to start, how to plan and where to invest to achieve that all too precious return on investment.


A Partner to Irish Businesses

Skillnet Ireland has been a partner to business for more than 20 years, and our track record speaks for itself. We have grown a network that reaches almost every market sector from Agriculture to Construction and Manufacturing to Retail. We work with all key trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, and we provide upskilling to over 70,000 people across 17,000 small, medium and enterprise size companies each year. We have a strong engagement with other enterprise agencies and academic institutions and ensure we provide a reliable pipeline of skills which will allow Ireland to compete on the global stage.

Our enterprise-led approach provides us with a unique opportunity to take businesses on the digital journey. Our deep reach into industry has given us an understanding of the challenges and the approach leaders demand to facilitate effective skills development. Our vision is to offer a skills roadmap designed to meet the challenges of those embarking on a digital transformation journey, which takes account of sector differences, size, scale, and ambition of business. We are here to assist you to compete, grow and win.


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