6 reasons to convince your boss
to attend Dublin Tech Summit 2023

So you want to come to Dublin Tech Summit 2023, one of Europe‘s fastest-growing international tech conferences. Well, here are some reasons to give to your boss on why you shouldn’t miss out!

  1. Learn from 200 expert speakers – Dublin Tech Summit is fortunate enough to have some of the most inspiring speakers from high-profile companies around the world who will discuss a range of topics from AI to sustainability. You can bring actionable insights and inspiration back to your own company.
  2. The networking possibilities – Dublin Tech Summit has created a designated area to network with other companies and provides endless opportunities to meet new people and build relationships and partnerships. This can really benefit any company especially if they are new. It is definitely something to consider!
  3. Make a team day out of it! – Bring your whole team! There are so many benefits, including team bonding and building common interests with your colleagues. With a wide variety of events on offer, it would be a great experience as a group and, even better, we offer special prices for teams.
  4. It relates to the company’s goals –  Reflect on your company’s most recent strategy sessions and see if your organisation’s objectives line up with the cutting-edge trends and best-in-class thought leadership you’ll see at Dublin Tech Summit. Your boss will definitely appreciate you coming back to the office with fresh new ideas.
  5. You have nothing to lose! – An event with so many activities? You have nothing to lose. No matter what industry you are in, there will be something of interest to you at Dublin Tech Summit. 
  6. You get to visit Dublin– Dublin has become a major tech hub in Europe so if that is your scene you can visit all the major tech companies that are located near the Dublin Tech Summit but that is not all, there are so many other attractions such as The Guinness Storehouse, the Phoenix Park and many more. Dublin is somewhere you cannot miss out on visiting! Read our blog post here

Those are just some of the reasons you can give to your boss on why you believe attending Dublin Tech Summit could benefit business. We hope you use them and are then able to attend!