5 tips to maximise your participation at DTS Virtual 2021


With social distancing restrictions on how many people can be together in the same place and a number of events around the world being cancelled, the majority of  events are migrating to an online environment. Here at DTS it is no different and so we will have a 100% online event this year. 

Sponsorship and partnerships are essential components in our strategy and so, it is important to highlight that the involvement of everyone in the running of DTS Virtual will produce not only a successful event, but also a successful and productive online experience for all stakeholders.


Here are  5 important tips to maximise your participation at DTS Virtual:


  • Align your Partnership Strategy: It is essential to understand how your mission and objectives align with the event organisers’ and the attendees’. Connect your brand to the needs of the audience. Create immersive experiences to engage participants inside the virtual community.
  • Let your audience know about your participation: be active on your social media platforms and tell your audience about how amazing your participation will be at DTS. Share with them the themes and speakers that they can experience and engage with. 
  • Use interactive features: Conduct live surveys, chats and polls during or at the end of the  online event. If you are taking part in a virtual conference, also make a chat function available so that people can engage with each other.
  • Make sure everything is working: There is nothing worse than realising too late  that something is not working properly. Try to log into your computer a few hours before and ensure that  everything is ready to go. 
  • Prioritise networking: Yes, it is possible to increase your network in an online event! At DTS virtual, you have the opportunity to connect with your potential clients and audience around the world. Look for these interactions even before the event, chatting on social networks with those who will also participate in DTS.


We look forward to connecting with you in person in the near future but until then, we can take advantage of this virtual DTS to connect worldwide with several people at the same time.


Enjoy your experience!


DTS team