4 Reasons to Transform a Traditional Earnings Call Into a Webcast

We all know how stressful earnings calls can be. In the span of a conference call, you need to clearly communicate the company’s financial results to investors and other stakeholders. And, depending on the number of investors on the call, this can be a real challenge.

Plus, with poor audio connections, language barriers, and a lack of visual material, the traditional earnings call format is no longer a viable option for companies.

Instead, companies are transforming their earnings calls into interactive, engaging, and secure webcasts for investors.

If you’re not sure that a webcast is right for your organization’s earnings call, our four reasons will change your mind:


1. Secure Webcasts

Given the high stakes nature of an earnings call, companies must ensure that uninvited visitors do not intrude on the meeting. When transforming your conference calls into webcasts, you can easily accomplish this through security features such as:

  • Password protection
  • Host controls
  • Operator-assisted online events

Establishing a secure connection provides hosts peace of mind knowing the information is only being delivered to the right participants, especially as the earning’s call audience grows over the years.


2. Video and Audio Capabilities

Investors and stakeholders typically receive the earnings report after the call has concluded. By using a secure webcast to host the earnings call, companies can take advantage of both video and audio features to communicate their financial results in real-time.

Participants can view financial information, company data, and other content, providing a more comprehensive overview of the company’s current financial status.


3. Interactive Features

When operating on an audio-only basis, organizing participant questions and feedback during an earnings call is tedious. Webcasts provide companies with a host of interactive opportunities that allow guests to chat with other participants, “raise their hand” to participate in a conversation, ask questions, answer polls, and more. These features make the earnings call experience far less stressful and more organized.


4. Choose From Live Streaming, Pre-Recorded Content, or Both

Webcasts enable companies to leverage a multitude of content during a single event. You can stream live content such as answers to stakeholder questions, pre-recorded content like a message from the CEO, or use a combination of the two for a captivating online event. Our Investor Relations Call solution through GlobalMeet Webcast also offers a simulated live option so your team can focus on fielding questions and gathering information rather than a presentation.

When you’re ready to transform your complicated, outdated earnings calls into an interactive investor experience, contact us! Our webcasting tool provides operated assistance investor call solutions for companies of all sizes and includes everything from custom branding to tech support.


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